Saturday, March 29, 2014

QuickDex Beta Release 1.1 HOTFIX

I recently pushed a hotfix to the most recent release package. There was a bug with how the keyboard shortcut was being handled that sometimes caused it to fail if the QuickDex window was visible but didn't have focus.

If you have already downloaded the beta-1.1 release, please re-download from the same link (this one)

QuickDex Beta Release 1.1

Beta-1.1 of the QuickDex has been released. I've been making decent progress despite my busy schedule and various obligations, thankfully. This release was focused mainly on smaller user-experience improvements and the addition of the two new search sources.

Download it here 

 Here's what's new from the initial release (from the changelog):

  • New sites (PokemonDB and Smogon)
  • Settings menu
  • Ability to set and save default search sources and generations
  • Ability to switch between Win+Q and Ctrl+Q shortcuts
  • Searching for a Pokemon with the wrong generation will no longer send you to a 404 page, instead it will default to the first generation that pokemon appeared in
  • Notifies user when a cache can't be built due to internet issues

Goals for the next release will be to begin implementation of searching on more Pokemon information such as Attacks, Types, etc. 

The QuickDex is open source. As always, you can see the source code and check up on development progress here: